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We are a group of Nationwide and Global Investors that work together diligently for you. We specialize in buying houses, the good, the bad, or the ugly. We buy your home to fix it and rent out to others who are facing financial issues, especially during this Pandemic era. We have vast knowledge regarding forbearance, and we can purchase foreclosure homes.

We are your Nationwide and Global home buyers. When selling your house, work with Norita Investors Team, we make it as simple as possible for you for we have vast knowledge regarding forbearance, and we can purchase foreclosure homes.

How We Buy Your House

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Tell us about your house in any county especially close to metro areas, and we will quickly do a remote appraisal and give you an estimate of how much you can get, if you sell it through us.

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If you like our offer, we will set an appointment to come view your house. In a day or two we give you a written offer. If you are happy, we close in less than 7 days.

ATTENTION: Burned Out Landlords

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Let us alleviate your stress… Do not get stressed out regarding bad tenants. You can cash out today and get the best possible equity out of your house. Do not be hassled regarding the tenants ever again. To find out more about Norita Investors and how to sell your house to a local house investor, visit our website Alternatively, you may call or text us at 1-888-838-5492.

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Something To Think About

The following are some steps in buying houses: The government provides people deferment mortgage because of this pandemic era. This will enable you to lessen your federal loan payments. Main difference is in case you are in deferment, there is no chance that interest will get added to your loan balance. As far as forbearance is concerned, interest will be added on your loan balance.

What is better forbearance or deferment?

One major point that differentiates forbearance with deferment is that forbearance increases the amount you owe. On the other hand, deferment is usually free of interest for specific kinds of federal loans. Forbearance is better in case you do not qualify for deferment and if your financial requirements are not permanent. 

Major difference between forbearance and moratorium

A moratorium period is same as deferment or forbearance and it is when your lender enables you to cease making the payment for a particular time period and due to a particular reason. A moratorium period is longer as compared to a grace period and interest can be charged with it.

Understanding the concept of a Covid deferral

In case you face temporary issues regarding suspension of your mortgage payments taking place monthly for a specific period of time say up to 12 months, then it is better to go with an agreement known as a forbearance plan. This is highly useful especially if you have been affected by the Corona Virus. The finest aspect is that you may get eligibility for extra forbearance if you cannot resolve your financial difficulties. • Forbearance negatives • Can hurt your credit rating • Higher payments in the time to come • Your credit line might be in a fix Is mortgage forbearance a useless idea? You would not be given protection even if you get qualified for forbearance. You need to apply for it and if by chance you stop the payments before you have been given forbearance on your loan can land you in financial trouble with respect to your mortgage. It may seriously cause a bad effect on your credit score.

What takes place when deferment stops?

The answer is that when your period of forbearance ends, one must make arrangements with your service provider to repay any amount that is paused. In other words, forbearance does not imply that the debt should go away. You must pay it.

Understanding the deferment period

The period of deferment refers to a time in which the borrower need not pay interest or repay the loan principal. The deferment time refers to the period when a callable security is issued, and it is that time when the issuer cannot call the security.

Differentiating between deferment and a grace period

One big difference between a deferment and a grace period is when a borrower qualifies for each delayed payment option on a particular loan. The time granted on a loan during which the borrower does not need to pay the issuer any monies toward the loan is known as a grace period. The borrower does not face any penalties for not paying the loan. It is not required to make payments at the time of grace period and deferment. To pay student loans at the time of grace periods and deferments helps in reduction of capitalizing various interest situations. When you pay other loans at the time of deferments lessens the burden at the end of those loans. Important takeaways The deferments and grace periods are those time periods during which a borrower does not pay a lender money toward a loan. Grace periods tend to be built into loan terms and deferments need adequate documentation and application. The deferment in payment of loans will not cease interest from increasing. It may affect the loan interest owed to some extent. This depends on the terms of the loan.

Meaning of deferred mortgage

A mortgage that enables for the deferral of all or some of the interest required on the loan is termed as a deferred interest mortgage. A deferred interest mortgage enables the borrower to postpone the payment of interests on the loan for a stipulated amount of time.

What is loan modification?

Loan modification is a change made to an existing loan term by a lender. It may lead to reduction in the interest rate and extension of repayment time duration. It is a different kind of loan. These changes are made as the borrower is not able to repay the original loan. Some of the successful loan modification processes are done with the attorney’s help or a settlement firm. There are some borrowers who can get help from the government in loan modification.

What is a Short Sale?

A short sale is usually sale of a home for a lesser amount than the homeowner owes on the mortgage. A short sale take space when the homeowner has failed to pay the mortgage payments because of financial difficulties. A short sale is considered preferrable for the bank or the other lender on the mortgage payments. A short sale is best in case a bank or other lending authority allows a home to go into foreclosure. A short home sale is ideal for some buyers but also has its challenges. Call or Text Norita Investors at 1-888-838-5492. We’re happy to assist you with everything!