One Mistake that can Lead to Landlord Burnout and How to Avoid It

To own a rental property is known to be the best investment to generate wealth that is the net worth and produces great passive income. That’s why there are several million single family home rentals in the United States of America and 89 percent of them are owned by landlords who own 10 or less rental homes. We’ll go across issues faced by landlord burnout and solve them. Read on as we address these issues. 

It is no secret that landlords have complains regarding managing tenants to the point that many landlords’ burnout and get to that point of time when they are ready to give up the income that is not passive and cease to build the net worth as tenants pay down the mortgage loans.

The simple answer to this is that at least 90 percent of tenant issues can be prevented by good tenant screening and choice. It is a fact that problem tenants who do not behave in the right manner. You, the landlord, are the individual who preferred to hand them your property.

The lowest income means the smallest cushion to survive financial troubles. It has been observed that the working-class incomes and the middle-class incomes serve as a great balance between tenant cushion and cash on cash return to handle the financial issues.

How can you reduce the possibility of problem tenants in your rental properties?

landlord burnout

There are several great practices for choosing the finest tenants and several methods to make tenants adhere to compliance. 

We will make you aware of the most pivotal methods, strategies, and practices. Let’s read how to enhance performance and reduce problems and burnout.

Opting for the Correct Income Segment

When you opt for the correct tenant income, you can lessen the chances that an emergency like a car repair, will compel the tenant to opt between paying your rent or repairing their car they must earn to pay the money for your rent.

Ascertain your Written Screening Criteria in a Proper Manner

You must have written tenant screening criteria for many reasons, and one is the compliance with Fair Housing Law. If you set appropriate standards for the tenants to be reliable in paying their bills, you can lessen the probability of choosing people who cannot handle money in a responsible manner.

When you allow tenants to rent your property with FICO scores that are below 600, you can opt for the bottom 20 percent of the population when it is about paying the bills on time.

Would it be a wise decision to enhance your risk when you provide a $100,000 to $300,000 property for safekeeping to the worst financial managers? Certainly not!

Is this the thing you are currently doing currently and complaining regarding your issues in getting paid on time? Whose mistake, is it? Is it your mistake or your tenant’s?

You ought to be Disciplined in Adhering to Your Written Screening Criteria

landlord burnout

You must have learned the difficult way that you can create issues of non-payment of rent when your screening criteria are household income of less than 3 times the monthly rent and credit scores that are below 600.

There are several burnout out landlords who suffer from discipline issues and do not adhere to the criteria set. Always keep in mind that you are opting for tenants, and you are the one who opts for the screening criteria. You are opting for extreme compassion as compared to business viability.


Landlords burn out if they have some bad, trouble causing tenants and suffer from the following issues:

  • of rent
  • Late payment of rent
  • Wasting ample time on evictions.
  • Dealing with tenant violations, code officials etc.
  • Anger, sleep deprivation etc

In case you are a burnt-out landlord, there are chances you have made 3 mistakes above

Economic vacancy: It is the number of rental months for which rent was not paid in all the rental units of a landlord divided by the total number of rental months in all rental units of the landlord.

The economic vacancy rate can drop down to 2.9 percent if you choose the correct screening criteria and become highly disciplined in adhering to the written criteria.

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